The use and installation of printing machine bearings

- Jul 10, 2021 -

The use and installation of printing machine bearing is like this

1、 Due to the fracture of the support frame, the spalling of the track surface of the inner ring and outer ring, the movement of the ball is not smooth, resulting in mechanical locking. This kind of fault is obvious, and the printing machine can operate normally only after repair. In fact, this kind of fault exists in another kind of fault before causing serious mechanical locking, that is, the wear of the rail surface of the support frame, inner ring and outer ring. This kind of fault is not obvious, which mainly affects the printing quality. It is also a fault that is not easy to attract people's attention in printing machine maintenance, because the printing machine can still operate normally at this time.

In the process of web printing, when the paper tape is broken and wound around the drum, the force on the wound part will suddenly increase, resulting in lubrication failure, bearing local damage, increasing the clearance of the damaged part of the bearing, resulting in uneven pressure on the printing surface. If the lubrication is in a semi failure state for a long time, the bearing clearance will increase seriously due to the long-term wear of the inner and outer ring of the bearing, which is usually manifested as insufficient printing pressure, uneven ink color of the printed matter, field galling, etc. in serious cases, less than 30% of the printing dot will be lost and more than 70% of the printing dot will be pasted.

The use and installation of printing machine bearings
Some of the faults caused by the roller bearing of printing press can be made up by operation, while others can not be made up by operation, which involves the problem of the maintenance of roller bearing under what circumstances. Each printing machine has its fixed printing accuracy indicators, such as dot reproduction and overprint accuracy, which are the basis for us to determine the quality of printing products. Then, by observing the printed matter, we can roughly determine the printing accuracy that the printing machine can achieve. According to whether it can produce the printed matter with the required accuracy, we can determine whether it needs to be repaired.

2、 Prevention of printing press roller bearing failure, through the analysis of printing press roller bearing failure, we can see that in order to prevent the loss of printing press roller bearing accuracy, first select the type of lubricating oil used by the printing press, and replace it in time; Secondly, it is necessary to maintain the normal working state of the tension system of the printing press, maintain the tension system of the printing press frequently, and make the tension output stable, so as to reduce the occurrence of the phenomenon of paper tape breaking and winding the drum in the printing process. In addition, the selection of appropriate raw materials is also an effective way to reduce the printing press roller bearing failure.

The use and installation of printing machine bearings
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